FACTIOSTONE: natural, seamless, hardwearing, fade resistant. Made up from South Island river stone and ocean aggregates with three main varieties.

FACTIOSTONE provides limitless colour and design options for both residential and commercial applications to floors, walls, bench tops, fire surrounds of any interior or exterior area.

FACTIOFLAKE: attractive, seamless, hardwearing, waterproof system made up from vinyl flakes available in a limitless colour range for colour with an edge.

FACTIOFLAKE is a specialist flooring system designed to showcase the interior or exterior of any home or business in a choice of fine or course texture.

Paua is perfect for creating designs, patterns and logos, rendering it ideal for commercial applications. We can include glitter in the stone as well and this looks incredible in the white riverside.

FACTIO has been DESIGNED2FLOORU with colour, texture, fashion and durability.
These inspirational design are taking flooring to a new and exciting level.

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