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A seamless, durable, fade resistant floor fashionably designed to showcase your home or business in a colour range to compliment any décor.


Bonds to the Surface - won’t peel or Flake
Won’t Fade
Water repellent
Easily maintained
Hardwearing - Proven performance in commercial and institutional applications.
Colour blends in a wide fashion range to compliment any décor
Available in fine or coarse textures
Interior or Exterior


FACTIOFLAKE is recommended anywhere where it’s hardworking. weather and moisture prone.


FACTIOFLAKE can be applied to concrete, plaster, selected sheeting.


FACTIOFLAKE will show-case foyers, homes, offices, schools, patios, café’s, steps and landings, garages, kitchens, bathrooms, camping ground amenities, ( most residential or commercial areas )


FACTIOFLAKE provides waterproofing, resists rising damp and has a slip-resistance option.


Visit our showroom and experience the luxury of FACTIO.




The bar and lettering are coated in FACTIOFLAKE, proving FACTIOFLAKE

extremely versatile for application in both domestic and commercial projects.





A patio of 135m2 in black/white and sprinkles of glitter. The original substrate was of stamped concrete in need of urgent repair - proof that FactioFlake is fantastic for outdoor areas.








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