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Decorative Glacia Floor Screed


Glacia is a multi-coloured decorative floor screed. Made from a combination of fine pigmented Glacial till and coloured silica quartz sand.


Glacia has been developed for use in wet areas where appearance, durability and slip-resistance are important.


Completely impervious to water, Glacia is well-equipped for use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, Bars and Restaurants.


Due to the vast range of colours to choose from, Glacia aggregates can be colour matched to joinery and paint colours - custom colour formulas and combinations can be produced, leaving endless design possibilities.


Like Riverside, Glacia can also be applied to steps and coves. Highly attractive and comfortable to walk on, Glacia offers a unique alternative to hard-flooring in wet areas.



These photos are samples of many colour options available


Glacia Natura mix-colour smokey
Glacia Natura mix incolour mix tom tom-black-white
Ensuite Floor and Shower in Glacia-colour silver fern



6mm texture in colour Diesel

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