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Decorative Stone Carpet


Comprising of 2-4mm pebbles naturally tumbled by glaciers and rivers, Riverside is available in over 800 colours, making it a highly likely versatile flooring or wall option, leaving the option of colour-matching with joinery or paint colours.


Riverside is perfect for creating designs, patterns and logos, rendering it ideal for commercial applications. We can include glitter in the stone as well and this looks incredible in the white riverside.


Like Natura, Riverside has an open finish and requires little maintenance as dust sits below the surface and can not become airborne as a result of foot traffic.


Visually stunning, Riverside can be applied to steps and coves, and it’s texture and appearance reflect natural light, brightening the atmosphere of a room.


Also available in a filled finish, Riverside retains it’s integrity in wet areas.



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These photos are samples of many colour options available


4mm Riverside in red
4mm Riverside in teal
4mm Riverside in blue & red


4mm Riverside in soft grey
4mm Riverside in colour earth
4mm Riverside in teal




A home installation in Ohoka of Factiostone Riverside; completed in the kitchen, living room and entrance hallway.


Amanda Hardy informs us of how delighted she is. She was surprised at how warm it is especially compared to tiles, and how it’s easy care provides her with an extra 20 minutes to spare each morning simply because it doesn’t show the dirt!




Entranceway Installation. The outside border is in black Riverside Stone

and the insert in the centre is a mix of red and black Riverside.




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