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FACTIOSTONE: Technical Advice


When possible, before installation, a representative from Spec-Tec International Specialist Coatings will visit and inspect any areas where a product from the FactioStone range has been specified, to ensure that all the conditions are suitable for a successful application.


Products in the FactioStone range should be installed after all construction on site is completely finished. Installation should occur after painting is complete, before any carpet is installed.
Floors will need to be covered if construction continues after installation. Spec-Tec International Specialist Coatings Ltd accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by any ongoing constructions or renovations.
Prior to installation, all old floor coverings will need to be removed. Surfaces will require a diamond grind to remove cement laitance, dirt, grease, oil, existing coatings or any other contaminants. The substrate needs to be stable and sound, as well as completely dry and free of dust.

FactioStone will conceal many undulations in concrete substrates. Large imperfections will need to be removed by diamond grinding and/or hammering, or pre-filled with an epoxy pre-fill system.

All cracks in the concrete substrate must be slip-joint taped with 20mm paper tape, and fibre-glassed using 450gsm chopped-strand matt and epoxy resin.

Dilation bridges are to be placed above control joints to allow for movement of the substrate.

Allowances for height will need to be made at doorways as FactioStone is installed to between the thicknesses of 6mm-12mm, depending on the product.

It is recommended that skirting boards be in place and painted prior to installation. The skirting will need to be sealed with a bead of clear silicone where it meets the substrate.

FactioStone can be applied over T+G timber flooring, however 6mm Hardies Tile & Slate Villaboard must be glued and nailed over the timber subfloor at no less than 400mm centres, prior to installation.

FactioStone works remarkably well with under-floor heating, although the subsequent instructions must be followed.

1. Floor levelling compound must cover exposed heating coils prior to installation of the FactioStone.
2. Once installed, the temperature of the under-floor heating must only be increased gradually over the period of a week.

During installation, it is advisable to heat the areas to 15°C where FactioStone is to be installed, to aid with curing.

Once installed, FactioStone will need 12-14 hours curing time before it is ready for light traffic. It is important to wait for 72 hours before it is ready for heavy loads and furniture i.e. fridges, cabinets, dishwashers. FactioStone is fully-cured after 7 days, when it becomes resistant to most spills, detergent etc.





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