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Terrazzite is an industrial grade floor topping system specifically designed for the Australasian food industry. Terrazzite resin is blended with specially graded silica quartz aggregates to produce a floor system that is hard and durable, resistant to impact, abrasion, thermal shock and chemicals/food acids, yet is non porous, hygienic and easily cleaned. Terrazzite is fully bonded to the concrete to prevent water creep. Decorative Terrazzite is the same system but utilising colored aggregates.



Nuplex Epoxy resins, mortars, grouts and adhesives are widley used in the building and construction industries. The products feature handy kit packaging and broad variety for bonding many materials and substrates.





Two part epoxy adhesives and mortars.
Extremely hard wearing and durable Impervious to moisture and salt water. Harder than original concrete. Gap filling.
Bonds to wet surfaces.
Options for speed of set.
Mortars, pastes, liquids available.





Meat works, abattoirs, butchery floors, bottling plants, breweries,
food and beverage processing plants.
Freezers, chillers, coolstores
Dairy factory floors.
Ablution blocks, Showers, Toilets, kitchens, laundries.
Supermarkets: Bakeries, Fish, Meat, deli etc
Toilets, changing rooms, sports facilities for hard-wearability.
Floors, walls, upstands, plinths etc where a high degree of
chemical, mechanical and slip resistance is of prime importance.
Food process floors where a high degree of hygiene is required. Approved by regulatory authorities.
Interior/exterior use. Concrete repair and protection – resurfacing damaged or broken concrete with a more physical and chemical resistant surface.
Can be applied to new or existing sound concrete, timber or other surfaces.
Suitable for use in dry or wet situations including ramps.
Will form coves to any required height or radius.
Floors above work spaces: Terrazzite forms a watertight barrier and is compliant with E3 Internal water 3.1.1e. (use full fibreglass laminated floor and Joint safe tape in these situations).




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