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Nuplex Construction Products manufactures a range of protective interior finishes suitable for commercial and hygienic environments where a high quality, hard wearing finish is necessary.


Situflex is a pure acrylic, high build coating suitable for walls and ceilings.


Situclad VE is a highly chemical resistant liner for chemical bunds suitable for Tanking and waterproofing.


Fibreclene is a tough , fiberglass wall cladding that is resistant to chemicals, physical damage and heat. It is applied over concrete and other wall surfaces.


Situclad E WCS is a smooth, tough wall liner (similiar to Fibreclene) but based on a waterbased epoxy system enabling installation in all sensitive envronments. The situclad is suitable for Tanking and waterproofing.


Situglaze is a solution acrylic glaze which is especially recommended for use in heavy wear and industrial areas.





Above - Springhill Prison 2006- Sureshield flooring with Fibreclene protective lining on all walls, ceilings and surfaces.




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