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Industrial Epoxy Resin Floor Topping


Supascreed is a low allergenic, 100% Reactive epoxy resin 6mm floor topping incorporating Standard & Low Temperature Cure hardener options. It is very low odour, non-flammable and may be used in food-safe areas.

Nuplex Supascreed LA is a high performance in-situ trowel applied, industrial floor finish. Once applied and cured it becomes an integral part of the building structure. It is hard-wearing, durable and chemical resistant.

Nuplex Supascreed LA is a virtually seamless, trowel applied floor topping system. Drains, coves and upstands may all be formed with this product to provide positive falls.
Nuplex Supascreed LA is available as Std Light Gold colour. A range of tinted colours are also available on request.



Nuplex Epoxy resins, mortars, grouts and adhesives are widley used in the building and construction industries. The products feature handy kit packaging and broad variety for bonding many materials and substrates.





Industrial, Commercial and Residential flooring Interior/Exterior.
Areas subject to impact, abrasion, thermal shock and chemicals.
Food and chemical production areas, where appearance, durability and low maintenance are important.
Concrete repair.
Approved for use in food manufacturing plants by regulatory authorities.
Food, Brewing, Canning and general manufacturing areas.
Dairy Industry – Manufacturing, packing areas.
Meat Industry – Freezers, chillers and processing areas.
Pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Confectionery and chocolate manufacturing.
Restaurant/hotel kitchens
Supermarkets - Meat preparation deli areas
Prisons – Kitchens and ablutions
Hospitals, Ablution facilities in schools, shower bases for the disabled.
Kitchens: commercial
Freezers & Chillers





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