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Terraflake is a complete flooring system installed on site by Licensed Contractors to form a seamless, easily cleaned finish on your floor. Two base coats are applied to the floor surface Coloured vinyl flakes in the preformulated blend are scattered onto the second base coat before cure After overnight cure the flakes are sealed with three layers of clear glaze for a hard wearing surface.



An attractive and practical seamless finish for those important areas in homes or commercial buildings where appearance and durability are most important.





Anywhere where its hard working, weather and moisture prone and needs to look good.
Suitable for interior/exterior
Use on: Concrete, Plaster, Selected sheeting.
Entry Foyers, Homes, Family & Rumpus, Offices, Laundries, Schools, Bathrooms, Kindergartens, Hospitals, Outdoor terraces, Warehouses, Patios, Cafeterias, Steps and Landings, Commercial and light industrial areas, Garages, Carports & conservatories. Slip resistance applied for wet areas.
Waterproofing, resists rising damp.




Terraflake is a specialist coating. It can be applied only by a fully trained contractor. But once on, Terraflake gives guaranteed performance.




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