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Your Customer Protection Warranty

from a member of the Nuplex Contractors Federation


Nuplex and PSL are brands synonymous with integrity.


You can trust the products to be of the highest quality. That integrity and trust extends to the people installing Nuplex and PSL products too.


The Nuplex Contractors Federation (NUFED) is an organisation of experienced contractors who apply Nuplex and PSL products. All NUFED installers carry a blue membership card that proves they are a registered member. Insist on a NUFED member - the sensible sub-contractor choice.


Now this 40+ year partnership has just got stronger!




Peace of mind... at last!


Our innovative customer protection warranty is designed to protect and insure property owerns.


When it counts, NUFED workmanship is covered with the NUFED Customer Protection Warranty. With over 200 member companies NUFED has achieved warranty cover that few others in the industry can offer property owners.




Your customer protection


NUFED Customer Protection Warranty provides owners with the peace of mind that defective workmanship or non-completion of relevation building work is covered in the event of sub-contractor insolvency, disappearance or death.


This unique cover is solely for installation of the extensive Nuplex or PSL product ranges and is automatically transferable to future building owners.




How to get your Customer Protection Warranty


There is no paperwork to fill out, simply confirm your NUFED member has issued a warranty certificate prior to commencement of the job.


Exclusive to NUFED members and Nuplex and PSL product your Customer Protection Warranty is underwritten by leading global insurers QBE Insurance (Int) Ltd*.


*Standard and Poors Rating A+ (5th Dec 2007).




Your Customer Protection Warranty provides:


Cover for defective workmanship
(in the event of sub-contractor insolvency, disappearance or death)


Cover for non-completion of relevant building work
(in the event of sub-contractor insolvency, disappearance or death)


Exclusively covers Nuplex and PSL product ranges


For more information, please don't hesistate to talk to Spec-Tec and we will answer any queries you may have about the Customer Warranty.




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